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I NEED Ideas!

2009-07-14 19:53:22 by DaveSaves

I am looking to get back into flash! I want to make another reality tv show-type flash where the audience gets to become involved but I have no clue what to do it on, or what show to turn in to a flash, I had some ideas like, Harper's Island, Big Brother was a big one I was thinking of, I don't know. If anyone has any ideas, any at all, HALP! hahaha


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2009-07-14 19:58:27

Do something original and something funny, like following a kid who has the worst luck, and something terrible constantly happens to him every step he makes...really absurd shit that happens to no one else.

That's just an example. The only one who can truly get you working is yourself.


2009-07-14 22:24:01

PM me for ideas(this is to assure you agree)